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06/12/21 - Stream Schedule Adjustment

In an effort to get the Any% Tutorials finished and published, I'll be shifting the consistent livestreams to the weekends. For the weekdays, streaming will not be guaranteed, but I may hop on and stream some Tenchu Z speedrun attempts or footage gathering for the tutorials. Check out the stream here!

04/10/21 - Regular Streams Have Finally Returned!

As I continue working on Project TZSR, including the Speedrun Tutorial Series, I will be livestreaming nearly all of the footage gathering, practice, and runs. Hop in and say hi! Check out the stream here!

09/16/17 - Scheduled Streaming on Indefinite Hiauts

Regular streaming is (and honestly has been) indefinitely cancelled. See the Stream page for further details.

09/09 - The Return to Tenchu Z Speedrunning and Streaming

I'm back! It's been quite a while, but I began to miss speedgaming and Tenchu Z in general recently. My stream schedule for the next three or so months has been posted on the Stream page (here).

Conveniently enough, a few weeks after I started my hiatus, DohX_Jin claimed World Record for Tenchu Z HN5 with a 27:43. It was a very good run, which makes me very glad to relinquish the record. Click here to check out the run!

I'm not particularly interested in reclaiming the record. Instead, I feel more like improving my run to a decent standard and continuing the development of The Tenchu Z Speedrunning Resource. It seems to me that aggressively pursuing the record will lead to me burning out again and/or forcing another hiatus due to wrist injury. I would also like to complete the tutorial video series I started for HN5, especially since most of the mission strats are more or less settled. Even if a strat were to change drastically enough, another video could be made.

Overall, it's nice to be back. It's unfortunate that most Tenchu Z runners or potential runners are essentially inactive in the game. Even when I posted Jin's new record, there wasn't much of a response. It seems that most people have just lost motivation to compete in the game. Tenchu Z being as difficult and technical as it is, I'm not really all too surprised.

03/28 - A Note Regarding Streaming Hiatus

For the last month or so, I've been going ham in college. I anticipate this trend continuing. What this means is that streaming/speedrunning will take a distinct backseat. This also means that web projects such as TZSR will also be put on the back burner. I've modified my Stream Schedule to reflect this shift in priorities.

This also will mean that my Tenchu Z skills will become rather rusty, which is unfortunate. I was hoping to improve the record to a sub-29 before stepping away from the game, but scholastic endeavors ultimately take priority over speed gaming. I'll probably put any spare Tenchu Z time towards finishing TZSR and the HN5 Tutorial Series rather than trying to improve the record. Nothing is guaranteed, as usual.

Oh yeah, by the way, my PB is currently a 29:27 or something. Didn't bother to make an announcement about that one before because the run was shit, but yeah.

01/08 - New Tenchu Z HN5 Personal Best/World Record: 29:32

Achieved the first sub-30 in the HN5 category during the Friday stream. This run used new strats for Missions 16 and 36 as well as a new CSK setup on 17. I'm not sure if I want to continue onward to sub-29 or begin routing Any%

Details of the run, including VOD, Splits download, and time loss details can be found here

01/02 - New Streaming Schedule

With another term at college coming up, my streaming schedule had to change accordingly. The new schedule is up on the Stream Info page (found here).

It is slightly tentative, so if any alterations are made, I'll post here and on Twitter.

12/14 - New Tenchu Z Any%HN5 Personal Best/World Record: 30:13

Managed a low 30 as the last run of the stream on Monday! This run was surprisingly close to sub-30 with a level retry on 37, which I honestly didn't realize was even possible. It makes the sub-30 goal far less daunting, which is rather convenient since I'm not satisfied with this run. I'm not sure if I'll go for the 28:xx or not; I may just end up swapping over to Any% to begin routing once I hit 29:xx.

A link to the run and the splits screenshot can be found here.

12/10 - New Tenchu Z Any%HN5 Personal Best/World Record: 31:01

While doing an offline run, I managed a 31:01 out of a fairly poor run. Main time losses: Menuing error pre-16, slow 27, non-optimal 45, level retry on 47, disastrous final kill on 48 losing 20 seconds, and mediocre Nagayori brawl.

What's interesting is that a run with fairly average segments can sub-30. Because of this, I'll be aiming more for that milestone instead of just a sub-31. Hell, this PB could have easily sub-31'd with a level retry.

A link to the run and the splits screenshot can be found here.

11/20 - New Tenchu Z Any%HN5 Personal Best/World Record: 31:41

Managed to snag a 31:41 this Friday during the usual stream. Close to being a competitive time, but it lost a minute to 17. I'm probably going to aim for a 30:xx, then move on to Any% routing once I achieve that time.

That being said, I'm not too keen on potentially going back and forth between HN5 and Any% categories. This makes me want to route/run NG+HN5 before Any%, but it would be much better for the game and community to route/run a core category before an admittedly arbitrary category (there isn't an actual NG+ mode in Tenchu Z, so it would be a rule-heavy 'simulated' NG+, with the added stipulations of HN5).

While I also think that NG+HN5 (and any HN5 category, really) is a more compelling run to play and watch, Any% is just too core to leave unrouted. Any% does have its own interesting bits and challenges, so it will still have some appeal to me.

11/16 - New Tenchu Z Any%HN5 Personal Best: 35:07

At the end of my Monday stream, I did a no-reset run and improved my time by another minute. This PB had a failed Mission 16, which is what mostly prevented a 32:xx. Both Eliitti and I should be getting consistent 32s fairly soon.

11/11 - Tenchu Z Races are a Go!

Eliitti and I have started doing Tenchu Z races today. In addition to being very fun, we both PB'd off of these races, and will continue to improve in the future.

If you would like to join us, just hop into chat and let us know! We can add you to the Discord Tenchu Z channel for voice chat as well:

11/09 - is Live!

This site is now operating at a basic level of functionality. While not finished by any means, it does provide core information regarding my stream and other related projects. Browse through the site using the navigation options at the top of the page.