Speed Games

A list of games I currently or have previously speedrun

Tenchu Z

Ran from Fall 2014 to Present

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Tenchu Z is a fantastic speed game that offers a very enjoyable casual experience as well. The fast-paced, execution-heavy gameplay makes the speedrun challenging and fun, with level layouts being very open and dynamic. Additionally, the movement and stealthed combat mechanics are surprisingly deep and technical, allowing for skillful interactions and strats. Definitely a recommended game for both casual and speed gaming, and a must-have if you own an Xbox 360.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Ran from Spring 2014 to Spring 2015

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 is an interesting speed game. Being a J-RPG with no major glitches, the run focuses on game knowledge and fight execution. It was fun for a while, with LewdDolphin and StrivingDuck coming up with some new strats and myself finding a few new things. I do think of going back to it and getting a PB on the PC version since my PB was on 360, but I'm not sure if/when that will happen.