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  • Depending on Middle's RNG (which affects facing direction and position), a slash or blowgun may be used. Same with the Tomikichi.
  • To get outside of the district from Step 7 to Step 8, face the wall to the West and DRJ onto it, then roll Northwest to drop down.
  • The Street guard acts as a breakpoint for this pattern. If you complete the steps prior to him quickly, you may have to wait as he completes his patrol North up the street. Similarly, if there are significant delays, be careful that Street hasn't turned around when you approach.
  • If there are no significant delays earlier in the pattern, Topside may be approaching from the North, requiring a blowgun. Otherwise, going through the alley between the East building and fence and using a Slash SK is faster.
  • It is recommended to confirm Topside's location and facing direction if there is any uncertainty or ambiguity. Rushing into the Topside area can lead in an instant detection if he is facing West.

~12.4% Pattern Frequency  |  Best Known Time - 1:24.1 by Ondrej

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