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A collection of tools and other media pertaining to Tenchu Z speedruns.

UPDATED! TZSR Attempt Tracker

I wrote a little program that allows basic tracking and stat display for a variety of attempts (level attempts, instances of RNG, successful Slash SKs, etc). This provides valuable success metrics to help you improve your consistency in whatever you may be practicing and allows you to focus on the practice instead of trying to keep mental track of your ratios. A log below the Tracker shows all of the successes and failures of the current attempt

Because it is written in Javascript and executed in your browser, pressing reset or reloading/leaving the page will reset all of the data. If you would like to keep track of multiple sessions, simply note down the Ratio and/or Percentage before you reset. You can also copy and paste the Attempt Log into a document.

The program can be found by clicking here!

NEW! Mission 45 Patterns Tool

A reworked tool showing the route for all eight bomb patterns possible in Mission 45. Displays a route flowchart, a map with route overlay, route notes, and the best known time for each pattern. Can easily switch between each route with left/right arrow keys or a dropdown menu.

The page can be found by clicking here!

TZSR YouTube Channel

The official channel for The Tenchu Z Speedrunning Resource! Route tutorials, mechanics explanations, new strats, and other videos can be found there.

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