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  • When approaching Middle, roll out from the alley as far East as possible and stay crouched as you use the Blowgun. He should enter Yellow Meter very soon after you emerge, keeping him in place for the Blowgun to land consistently.
  • If Rightside is facing North, a Blowgun will need to be used. Otherwise, go for the Slash SK. To check his RNG, roll out in front of him with an East-Northeast trajectory. Be sure to start the roll just as you reach the wagon leaning against the wall to the right.
  • To eliminate Rooftop, auto-aim and fire the Blowgun as you ledge-grab the fence before climbing over to the Step 8 bomb pickup.
  • For the Alley Blowgun kill, turn the camera to the left as to keep Stairs out of frame. This avoids the auto-targeting system from prioritizing Stairs, giving the system only one target to lock onto.
  • To avoid a detection from Street, run close to the East Topside building as you enter the alley to eliminate Topside

~14% Pattern Frequency  |  Best Known Time - 1:31.5 by Ondrej

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