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Route Notes

  • Steps 6-9 are interchangeable and can be done in any order.
  • If Street is put into a Yellow Meter state when jumping over the gap from Step 11 to Step 12, consider using a Blowgun instead of chasing after him down the slope. Slash SKs can be difficult to gauge on such a severe slope, and whiffs typically translate into Uneven Terrain SKs. If you do Blowgun, it's advisable to wait until he stops moving before firing it off.
  • If Topside is encountered in the center of the topside area and is turning to face South, use a Blowgun to eliminate him. In any other situation, a Slash is a faster means of dealing with him.
  • If Topside is in the alley near the Step 17 bomb, swap the order of Steps 16 and 17 after eliminating Topside.

~14.2% Pattern Frequency  |  Best Known Time - 1:20.9 by Ondrej

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