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Route Notes

  • There is an Aerial Slash SK setup on Rightside that involves Yellow Ki Meter, grab the bomb on the other side of the wall, then ASK, but a Blowgun is a very consistent alternative.
  • To get to Step 4 optimally, run through the narrow alley on the other side of the Step 1 bomb, then R-Dash in R-Jump over the wall. This avoids a ledge grab and climbing animation.
  • The optimal method to get from Step 10 to Step 12 is to climb up the wall and R-Jump across the path onto the Step 12 bomb. In this case, Step 11 is done after landing on the opposite wall to Blowgun Rooftop before getting the bomb in Step 12.
  • Steps 13-15 can be swapped around depending on where Street is located at the time.

Best Known Time - 1:36.6 by DohX_Jin

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